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PDM Enterprises is a Government Verified, Certified Minority-Owned Consultancy Agency

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David Myles

David Myles serves as the President of PDM Enterprises Inc., where his leadership and innovative approach have significantly advanced the fields of Cultural Agility/ Intelligence, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

With over two decades of rich experiences spanning classroom instruction, cohort facilitation, leadership development, and community engagement, David's work embodies a deep commitment to fostering inclusive and culturally intelligent environments.

Holding a BS in Corporate & Community Fitness from North Dakota State University, a Master of Divinity, and as a Level 2 Certified Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) Practitioner, High-Performing Intercultural Teams Practitioner, Certified TruMotivate/MCODE: Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP) Facilitator, and Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administration, along with extensive board experience, David brings a diverse toolkit to his role.

David's career also includes serving as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Northwester-St. Paul and Luther Graduate & Seminary, and radio co-host. David and his wife, Tammy and their four children live in Dayton, MN where they love having people around their 9-foot dinner table sharing life.

Ming-Jinn Tong

Ming-Jinn is founder of Cultivate. He's a trained interculturalist that speaks three languages (English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish) and is raising three kids with his wife, Catherine, in Northeast Minneapolis. the aim of his life is to help every person around him to flourish in all that they do.

Ming-Jinn is a Certified Intercultural Intelligence Practioner and owner of Culture, a specialty consulting firm helping companies connect better across cultures. As an amateur chef, Ming-Jinn like to equate culture with a good meal. He loves everything about culture. The flavors, the textures, the colors, the sights, the smells. He see culture everywhere and is eaeger to engage iwith it. Findout more about his work at

Ming-Jinn and his family live in Minneapolis, MN, where he founded Cultivate and Hot Wo Academy. He loves to connect across cultures. he understands what its like to work in a fast-paced environment, but still takes the time to care about each individual in the room.

Shelley Reinhart

Shelley Reinhart is a skilled and experienced educator who has successfully incorporated ICI, MPTI, and MMTIC principles into the classroom and faculty of secondary schools. Her work has been published in Teach Middle East, effectively demonstrating improvement in student achievement through individualized study plans based on self-awareness and understanding.

Shelley is passionate about helping faculty, students, and families engage with culture and behavioral styles in and outside the classroom. She is currently the Education Development Director at KnowledgeWorkxED, working with school directors and faculty to incorporate inter-cultural intelligence and psychometric tools to enrich curriculum and instruction frameworks. Results include increased collaboration among administrative and departmental leaders, improved relational understanding between teachers and students, and greater academic achievement among students.

Shelley has twenty years of broad teaching experience across all grade levels in both public and private education sectors in the United States and United Arab Emirates. Through customized MBTI and ICI Training programs, she has positively influenced individuals, families and organizations toward self-discovery, personal development, and cultural awareness.

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